Eliminate Mosquitoes

eliminate mosquitoes, mosquito control  You know you need to eliminate mosquitoes around your home in order to protect your family from dangerous diseases like the Zika virus, but what is best method?  Sure you can do a messy home mix with a fogger that creates thick chemical clouds across your yard. Do you really feel personally comfortable fogging yourself up into a chemical cloud around your yard?

Maybe you can light some citronella candles and torches but they are not very effective. Are you sick of swatting at skeeters, constantly getting buzzed by skeeters or getting repeatedly bit by other biting, flying insects?  Give Nick’s Mosquito Misting System a call at (713) 597-8524 to find the protection you need for your family against dangerous diseases and irritating bites.

Eliminate Mosquitoes with Mosquito Control Services

Now you can tell skeeters to buzz off with easy and convenient mosquito control.  Nick’s Mosquito Misting System is designed to create a complete protective shield against skeeters, flies, fleas and other biting and annoying insects around your home and yard. Decks, patios, pools, play areas entranceways, backyards and front yards can again be free of mosquitoes and other flying and biting bugs. This natural insecticide is highly effective against skeeters and you will be amazed how easy it can be to eliminate mosquitoes.

Eliminate Mosquitoes with a Natural Insecticide

The mosquito misting system uses a Pyrethrin solution, a natural insecticide derived from a particular flower called chrysanthemum. The toxicity level for humans and pets from this mist is very minimal. Pyrethrins are a class of organic natural compounds. The solution affects bugs by targeting the nervous systems in insects, including flies, roaches, spiders, and lice, as well as potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  The system is designed to give you full mosquito control with a convenient hand held remote. Once the system is installed, you can eliminate mosquitoes and feel confident you won’t see any annoying skeeters.

Nick’s Mosquito Misting Systems, a division of Nick’s Plumbing who has been providing quality plumbing services in the greater Houston area since 1979, is now providing back yard mosquito misting systems. This makes us unique among our competitors. Mosquito and bug control is becoming more important these days when protecting your family from dangerous disease and irritating bug bites. Protect your backyard from flying or crawling insects. Safe for pets and children!

  • If you are using sunscreen apply that first and then apply mosquito repellant
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants
  • Dress your children in clothing that covers arms and legs
  • Cover your child’s stroller or playpen with netting
  • Bring repellant that is 25 to 30% DEET

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