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Learn how you can take back your backyard and eliminate mosquitoes with the mosquito misting system in Kingwood homeowners deserve. There’s a new technology for getting rid of mosquitoes and flying bugs. Discover why so many homeowners are having Nick’s Mosquito Misting System installed outside their homes. Now homeowners like you can take back their freedom by taking back their backyards, barbeque areas, decks, patios, play areas, pool areas—all outside areas of their homes.

Mosquito control in Kingwood is a big concern for many people. Handling Kingwood’s multitudes of mosquitoes, flying insects, biting buggers, multi-legged nuisances and buzzing bugs can drive any half-sane person totally nuts, however the high annoyance factor may not be the worst thing. Bites from insects cause irritating bite marks, wounds, swelling, itching—and possibly disease.

Tired of insects bugging you? You’ve probably tried other ways to solve the problem. They don’t work so well, do they? We’re talking about canned sprays, repellents, chemical mixes, powders, bug traps, abatement strips, ribbon traps, fly swatters, citronella candles and even electronic bug zappers. They all are useless and weak. You need better protection from mosquitoes and flying bugs—a solution that will finally give you peace of mind you deserve and the freedom to enjoy yourself in the great outdoors of your backyard. Contact us to learn more about Nick’s Mosquito Misting System, which offers automatic mosquito control for homeowners in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.

Finally Get Rid of Annoying Flying Bugs and Mosquitoes

Regain the freedom to enjoy your free time and your life outside the walls of your house. You need to take back your backyard and outdoor areas from those little frustrating winged insects and merciless mosquitoes. Gain back control over mosquitoes and flying bugs with a state-of-the art automatic bug-eradication misting system. Operate the system by remote control, allowing you the ability to safely and securely defeat flying insects with no harm caused to you, your family members or pets. Learn how you can take back your backyard with the mosquito misting system Kingwood homeowners deserve. It’s the easy, efficient and effective way with Nick’s Mosquito Misting System. Contact us now to set up an appointment for a certified mosquito misting system installation technician to set up a misting system for your property’s perimeter.

Threatening Mosquitoes Pesky Flying Bugs

Roaches, spiders, flies, fleas and mosquitoes can invade the inside of your home with no warning and at every opportunity every day. These pesky insects already live in your yard in the comfort of Houston’s subtropical climate. They are ready to invade your home with any chance they get. Just leave the door open a few moments, and in they com. Nick’s Mosquito Misting System is the most-effective mosquito and flying bugs control measure to deal with this particular pest problem. The innovative mosquito misting system will noticeably and rapidly reduce the insect population outside your home, which in turn will drastically reduce the insect population inside your home since far fewer insects will even have the opportunity to enter.

Custom Mosquito Control

Regain your freedom to have fun family barbeques, picnics and outdoor breakfasts, lunches and dinners on your patio or deck. Let your children be free to play like kids should in the backyard with no more mosquito buzzing or bites. Also, reduce the chance your pet dog or cat will develop parasitic heartworms.

Safe and Effective Mosquito and Flying Bug Control

The spray system is safe for humans and pests, yet effective on mosquitoes and flying insects. When the system activates, the spray doesn’t stain clothing, towels or cushion on outdoor furniture. A mosquito misting, however, will give you all the mosquito control you will need to enjoy your ultimate outdoor lifestyle.

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Mosquitoes and other biting, flying insects are deterred by a light mist sprayed from the nozzle of the system. The mist is like the mist that maintains the freshness of produce displayed in open cases at supermarket. We all know that mosquitoes are irritating and may carry dangerous diseases such as viruses that can harm our health. Reducing the mosquito population in and around your home is the critical important step in protecting your family and pets. Learn how you can take back your backyard with the mosquito misting system Kingwood homeowners deserve. It’s the easy, efficient and effective way with Nick’s Mosquito Misting System. For answers to your question or for more information about mosquito control and Nick’s Mosquito Misting System, call us today at (713) 597-8524

Nick’s Mosquito Misting Systems, a division of Nick’s Plumbing who has been providing quality plumbing services in the greater Houston area since 1979, is now providing back yard mosquito misting systems. This makes us unique among our competitors. Mosquito and bug control is becoming more important these days when protecting your family from dangerous disease and irritating bug bites. Protect your backyard from flying or crawling insects. Safe for pets and children!

  • If you are using sunscreen apply that first and then apply mosquito repellant
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants
  • Dress your children in clothing that covers arms and legs
  • Cover your child’s stroller or playpen with netting
  • Bring repellant that is 25 to 30% DEET

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