Mosquito Misting System

mosquito misting systems, mosquito control,Nick’s Mosquito Misting System can protect your entire family and pets from biting insects. You know your kids complain all the time that they are getting attacked by the mosquitoes in your backyard. Everyone has bug bites visible on their arms and legs. Sure, winter will come, and a cold snap could reduce their numbers, but not by much. They don’t go away even then. Make a choice to give your family automatic protection with Nick’s Mosquito Misting System.

No More Flying Bugs With Nick’s Mosquito Misting System

mosquito misting system, mosquito control,

Each year, home invading pests, including mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, flies, and fleas are an annoyance to any homeowner’s’ property. These bugs live in your yard and are ready to invade your home at any opportunity. A Mosquito Misting System can be the perfect preventative approach when dealing with these pesky bugs. If there are fewer bugs on the outside of your home, that means there will be fewer bugs on the inside.

Common Questions and Answers About Mosquito Systems

Will any insecticides work in this system or do I need to use a particular kind?

No. You must only use a Pyrethrin solution that is intended for misting systems.

Will Pyrethrin harm me, kids, or make my pets sick?

No. The toxicity level for humans and pets from this mist is minimal. It is a natural insecticide! That said, you don’t want to be under a nozzle and breathing it in when it goes off.

How long will the 50-gallon drum last around our home?

Depending on how often and for how long you run the misting system will dictate how long it will last.

Example: I have mine going off three times, for 45 seconds, every 24 hours during the hot summer. For that amount of use, 50 gallons will last about 4 to 5 months.

Will the insecticide hurt my house, outdoor furniture or common items left outside?

No. It is water based and will not stain fabrics. It doesn’t destroy property.

What type of maintenance is required by the system?

If anything, a nozzle could get clogged from the water over time, or a rodent may chew a hole in the tubing. Both are a very easy fix.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Spaces Again

Nick’s Mosquito Misting System is designed to create a complete protective barrier against mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and other biting insects around your yard. Pools, patios, decks, and backyards will be free of flying bugs. Imagine having a barbecue without the nuisance of biting insects or other flying bugs. Your guests can relax in an insect-free environment. Once you have Nick’s Mosquito Misting System installed, you can relax and enjoy your backyard again. Your pets stay free of fleas and ticks. Mosquito control is crucial for pet owners to reduce the risk of heartworms. This natural insecticide is safe for people and pets.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Nick’s Mosquito Misting Systems, a division of Nick’s Plumbing who has been providing quality plumbing services in the greater Houston area since 1979, is now providing back yard mosquito misting systems. This makes us unique among our competitors. Mosquito and bug control is becoming more important these days when protecting your family from dangerous disease and irritating bug bites. Protect your backyard from flying or crawling insects. Safe for pets and children!

  • If you are using sunscreen apply that first and then apply mosquito repellant
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants
  • Dress your children in clothing that covers arms and legs
  • Cover your child’s stroller or playpen with netting
  • Bring repellant that is 25 to 30% DEET

No Flying Bugs by Nick’s Mosquito Misting Systems
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